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Preschool History

Providence Early Learning Center is a ministry of Providence Baptist Church.
The church has been ministering to families since 1877. Providence Christian School
was instituted in 1965 and the preschool was established in 1968.

When parents place their child in our program they are entrusting to us their most precious possession. We realize this and seek to conduct our preschool in a manner worthy of that trust and confidence. Besides receiving a wonderful education, the children will receive godly responses to their needs, fears, and frustrations, similar to the responses provided by their parents. We do not consider ourselves as “baby sitters,” but rather as nurturers of God’s creations, providing them with both academic and biblical training. 

New Facility

Our new facility is designed to meet Daycare, Preschool, Early Learning Centerall county and school codes. The spacious, bright, and cheery classrooms have been designed with the children in mind.

The building is equipped with security cameras, window and door alarms, magnetic door locks with pass card and key functionality, along with newly designed fire alarm systems.

The air quality is very important to maintain a healthy, vibrant, learning environment. The A/C system includes, UV lights to kill 99% of air-borne bacteria. Humidistats to keep the moisture levels in the air at the optimum percentage. Outside air is brought into the building to ensure the air is always fresh. Lastly, high ceilings allow a larger volume of fresh air.

We have created great views from every window to bring the "outside in" to increase your child's enjoyment at school.

Our Staff

Our staff is a dedicated team of teachers with many years of combined experience in training children. Early childhood workshops and training opportunities are offered to our teachers regularly. We encourage our teachers to continue their development to become the best preschool educators possible.

Employment Opportunities

Providence Early Learning Center is a ministry of Providence Baptist Church.  We are a private Christian preschool and hire members of Baptist churches who are likeminded in our Christian philosophy.  We offer
full-time and part-time positions with varied shifts.

Please contact us if you would like an Employment Application.

Preschool Director

Preschool Director

"Our passion is children. Partnering with parents, in their God-given privilege of training and educating their children, is our delight."

Laura Benigni


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